Challenges Facing B2B E-commerce Platforms

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Challenges Facing B2B E-commerce Platforms

For many, 2018 was supposed to be the year of change regarding ease of online shopping and deliveries. Most of them expected to have an even better online shopping experience like buying anywhere/return anywhere and the unique option of same-day deliveries. They hoped to have their retail transaction taken to the next level. Unfortunately, this was never the case.

According to different professionals in the B2B industry, nothing much changed in 2018. Irrespective of the advancement in technology, many consumers still rely on their sales rep when placing orders and prefer to visit different outlets to do shopping physically. Let’s find out why different consumers still prefer sticking to the old purchasing methods.

Lack of customer specific pricing

The fastest way to damage an excellent buyer-seller relationship is to treat each customer the same on your online store where first-time buyers are considered to be equal to return clients. Consumers love to be recognized and appreciated, especially when they decide to stick to your brand or online store.


Introduce pricing and contract logic to automatically manage the buyer-seller relationships which are based on predefined rules and contract terms.

Unreliable delivery promises for customers with extremely tight delivery schedules

Typical consumers usually want their orders to be delivered with lightning speed irrespective of where they are physically located. This being the case, most of them typically prefer going the old-school way of physically visiting different retail outlets to avoid the whole online orders and late delivery drama.


Introduce and use logistics tools like IDM’s Sterling Transportation System that will keep you updated on the entire delivery processes, i.e. when an order was made, who made the request and when he expects the products to be delivered.

Promotion of too many products with only slight variations

Typical consumers will always want to stick to specific brands which they know and are used to and usually prefer putting off retailers who try to convince them to try out new options, a move that easily affects different online retailers who prefer promoting as many products as they possibly can in a single platform.


Introduce a robust site search function key which allows different online visitors to search an item based on particular attributes or specific parameters. The function key should visible and easy to use.

The above-mentioned are the main challenges facing the B2B E-commerce platforms.

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